Kira’s outstanding record and support for students and teachers on BESE has earned her the respect of officials, individuals and organizations from across the district.

“Kira Orange Jones is a proven and effective leader on BESE for District 2.  The facts are that graduation rates are up, more students are eligible for TOPS scholarships and more are enrolling in college.  There is much more work to do be done and we are on the right path.  Kira is the change agent and leader to help us continue this progress!  I am supporting Kira Orange Jones, #38 for BESE District 2.”

—Cedric Richmond, U.S. Congressman

“Kira is passionate about making sure children have the opportunities that will significantly improve their lives.  Over the last eight years on BESE, Kira has done a tremendous job helping move the state forward.”

—Mary Landrieu, U.S. Senator

“Education is a cornerstone of building a stronger New Orleans. Kira has played a major role in moving us in the right direction.  Under Kira’s leadership, we are seeing positive results across the state and in particular in New Orleans for African American students.”  

—Jason Williams, New Orleans Councilmember-At-Large

“Good schools are the heart of our neighborhoods.  Kira’s efforts to revitalize our schools and provide education opportunities for our kids have been important to helping our communities thrive. We need Kira on BESE to keep that progress moving forward.”

—Kristin Palmer, New Orleans City Councilmember

“Kira has been a strong advocate for our schools and our children. She has helped secure funding for a teacher pay raise and more money for schools. We need to keep Kira on BESE.” 

—Jared Brossett, New Orleans City Councilmember

“I have worked with Kira on education issues for almost 20 years. From a teacher to an administrator, she has always impressed me with her commitment to education.  She still has the same passion and concern for students, teachers and parents that she did when we first met.  That is why her leadership on BESE matters so much.”

—Sarah Usdin, Orleans Parish School Board Member

“Kira’s passion for education is obvious. As our BESE representative, she has fought hard for teacher pay raises and to bring more resources to our schools. We need to keep Kira on BESE so she can continue to work hard for students, families and educators.”

—Jay Altman, FirstLine Schools

Jefferson Parish Officials and School Board Members

Steve Scalise, U.S. Congressman

Paul Connick, Jefferson Parish District Attorney

Simeon Dickerson, Jefferson Parish School Board Member

Chad Nugent, Jefferson Parish School Board Member

Tiffany Kuhn, Jefferson Parish School Board Member

Clay Moise, Jefferson Parish School Board Member

Larry Dale, Jefferson Parish School Board Member

Orleans Parish School Board Members

Sarah Usdin, Orleans Parish School Member

Woody Koppel, Orleans Parish School Board Member

Nolan Marshall, Jr., New Orleans Parish School Board