NEW ORLEANS – The Louisiana Department of Education released statewide progress data results and for the second year in a row NOLA Public schools are outperforming statewide averages for growth, specifically across all four sub-groups reported by the state. The announcement comes after the LDOE released their annual statewide progress data.
“Our school system is making meaningful progress towards all of our students mastering essential skills in English Language Arts and Math. We should all be very proud of the progress being made and that we continue to outperform the state and our peer districts on the number of students making top growth, year over year.” said NOLA-PS Superintendent of Schools Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr. “I want to thank our local educators for their hard work and commitment to moving all of our students ahead, especially those that have historically been underserved across our state.”
The 2019 student progress results bring additional context to the 2019 LEAP 2025 assessment results and show as a district, that:
  • For the second year in a row, NOLA public school students met or exceeded the both the state and other large school districts’ top growth rate in math and English Language Arts (ELA).
NOLA-PS - school_system_growth_2019
  • For the second year in a row, NOLA Public Schools are exceeding Louisiana and similar parishes in top growth for historically disadvantaged students, including African-American and Students with Disabilities. This means more students in NOLA Public Schools who are African-American, Economically Disadvantaged, English Language Learners and have disabilities are on track to achieve grade-level expectations by 8th and 10th grades than students in these other large districts and across Louisiana.
NOLA-PS - Top_Growth_by_school_system
  • NOLA Public Schools had six schools identified as “Outstanding Schools” from across the state based upon their impact helping students grow year over year.
NOLA-PA - NOLA_Outstanding_Schools
  • NOLA Public Schools has 26 schools exceed the state’s rate of top growth in both ELA and Math.
NOLA-PS - 26_Schools_Exceed_state_rate
The student progress measure will make up 25 percent of an elementary or middle school’s overall performance score and 12.5 percent of a high school’s overall performance score.
To access detailed breakdowns of the statewide data, visit the PK-8 and High School Performance libraries.
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NOLA Public Schools is the public school district for Orleans Parish, which includes the district’s elected school board, known as the Orleans Parish School Board and the district’s administration led by NOLA Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr. NOLA Public Schools currently oversees 78 public schools.
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